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Hire a dedicated Full time IT Staff at $999/month

Hire IT people who will work in OUR office for YOU at a fixed monthly cost. They work dedicatedly only for you, based on your instructions. You get a dedicated employee minus all the headache of recruitment, HR activities, Training and motivations, payroll, taxes / benefits and obligations. No real-estate and cubicles needed, no office space needed. No pain only the output of the employee is what you get.

We do it all for you. We provide you with a pool of candidates to choose from, provide the candidate will the work environment and infrastructure to work for you. You get access to your remotely hired employee via phone, email, video conference and also access to his computer via remote tools.

The fastest, smartest way to grow your team PLUG-N-PLAY style. No big contracts and no risk. All you pay is a monthly cost and get the output of your workforce and we take care of the rest. This smart remote/offshore outsourcing model is in practice and we have developers working for companies around the world. When you need risk free growth without commitments, our remote recruitment is the answer to today’s business needs, no matter where you are. You can save money as cost of hiring talented IT manpower with us can be much lower as compare to locally hiring people. Save time as time zone difference can be used to your advantage.

We are providing smart, team oriented people who can get things done

Advantages of hiring Remote IT staff

What we provide
  • No recruitment Cost
  • No office space needed
  • No Infrastructure needed
  • No Payroll
  • No HRM required
  • No Confidentiality issues
  • Fixed Cost per month
  • No Contracts
  • No Cost hindrance
  • No Time barrier
What you get
  • We Arrange a talented pool of Candidates for you to choose from after an Interview
  • We provide your remote employee with excellent work environment
  • We provide them with Laptops / Internet / Phone / cubical and Coffee too !
  • We manage all employee obligations payroll / taxes / benefits etc...
  • We take care of them Motivations / Training and providing them with work environment
  • Only you have access to your remote employee and your work remains confidential
  • A pre-agreed fixed monthly cost is all you pay to get the output
  • You can grow without commitments and constraints of a long term contract
  • You get dedicated IT staff for as low as $999 / month and save compare to local recruitment
  • Make the time zone difference work in your favor and decrease your response time
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